Inter Milan has taken a bold step after the loss to Fiorentina

Inter Milan has taken a bold step after the loss to Fiorentina and has ordered the players to remain within the premises of the club’s ground for next 7 days so that they can train well and ensure better results in the coming weeks.

It’s not something new in Italian Football. It is known by a specific term ritiro and many clubs have imposed it on their players in the past whenever the performance of the team has been embarrassingly poor.

During ritiro, the players are not allowed to go to their homes after daily training sessions as they normally do, but, they have to spend nights in the club lodge and then indulge into training again the next day.

In the views of the experts, ritiro is not a nice way of treating players at all because they are not kids studying in the 5th or the 6th standard in school. They are adult individuals and are well respected around the world.

On another note, Milan has decided to remain patient with the manager Pioli citing that the 51-year old and his associates have done their job as well as they could have and the club should be respectful towards them.

It is understood that Pioli was ready to leave his position taking the responsibility of the Fiorentina loss and he conveyed that to the Milan top brass last night, but, he was told that the club had faith in him and he could go on without worrying about anything.

To clarify its stand on Pioli, Milan published a statement earlier today which suggested that the speculations of the removal of the coach are being made by detractors with the intention of creating confusion and insecurity inside the Milan camp.