Inter Milan Coach Gets Team Back in Shape


Coaches stand out for different reasons and this international season has brought the spotlight on Simone Inzaghi. Of course, it was his handiwork that a journalist noticed and talked about. Fabrizio Biasin, an Italian journalist, felt that Simone, the Inter Milan coach was able to avert a crisis early into the season which is rare to see.


Fabrizio talked about how the Inter coach was able to get the team back to good performance levels, especially after they had a torrid start in the new season. That is something rare that coaches are hardly able to accomplish to such a degree, is what Fabrizio felt. The torrid start for Inter Milan was because they lost several good players such as Udinese, AC Milan, Lazio, and Roma. All of them being lost in quick succession raised several doubts. Hence, there was pressure on Simone to get Nerazzuri’s team back in shape. The campaign was in doubt and so was the performance ability of Inter Milan players.

There was doubt as to the form of the team and the future of Inzaghi as well. However, the coach as well as the team was able to respond well. Hence, even if the first weeks were difficult they were able to pull up form in the campaign. Hence, Nerazzurri has picked up wins in a consistent manner. Also, they have made a few statements wins. These wins suggest that the coach was able to get the team’s performance back on track.

Biasin is one of the journalists who has followed how the team has come together to get their performance to optimal levels. He feels that the coach was able to get Inter back in shape, especially when Inter seemed to be without direction. Now the team is playing well and is physically strong. After a month the season seems to be going well for them.