The Inter Milan Chief Supports The Wild Card Scheme In The Champions League

The friendly kick offs that are popular in Asian games might be incorporated in the Champions League if Inter Milan CEO gets his say.

Michael Bolingbroke, CEO of Inter Milan feels that there would be merit in introducing wild cards in Champions League matches. Barcelona wishes to invite teams which might not have qualified for a league position but they would help bring about fresh blood in the competition.

The idea has been discussed with major England teams. Bolingbroke showcased the Series in order to highlight the history of the club. He proposed that performances over the last fifty years as well as last five years need to be looked at when considering a club for participation in the league. It should not be limited to last year’s performance alone. Some felt skeptical about the topic that was discussed among the wealthy clubs of the Premier League. Three teams are skeptical, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United as they might not qualify for the next season if their current performance is judged.

Inter Milan has been a winner in a former league similar to the three clubs of England. They have lifted one of the titles in 2010 with Jose Mourinho led the club. Since then they have not qualified for the tournament, which has been the case since 2012. They have not succeeded in playing in the second rounds as well as any of the European competitions. Though many clubs are not able to move to the second levels in competitions they have fan bases in high numbers which drives revenues as well. Hence, there has to be a way that these clubs are allowed to reach the league and not be considered only on the basis of their recent performances.