Roberto Mancini: ‘’Inter Milan didn’t deserve to lose’’

Inter Milan locked horns with their rivals Ac.Milan in the Derby dellaMadonnina and it was the team of SinišaMihajlović that came out on top with a final scoreboard of 3-0.

Roberto Mancini was not satisfied about the performance of the referee Antonio Damate and the Italian manager made his voice be heard as Mancini went on a rant complaining about some of the decisions that the head authority of the match during the game.

Roberto Mancini had to be sent off to the stands after he protested about a penalty kick that was not given to his team.

When the match was over, Roberto Mancini did not hesitate in voicing his disappointment about what happened in the actual match as Mancini stated that there should’ve been red cards given to a few of the players of Ac.Milan.

Mancini was sent to the stands after protesting when Eder appealed for a penalty in a collision with GigioDonnarumma, but replays show the goalkeeper got the ball.

“I didn’t say anything offensive, but referees are so susceptible nowadays. I don’t know what to say on the Donnarumma incident. Maybe the referee Antonio Damato doesn’t know the rules. I think we had an excellent first half and there should’ve been some red cards for last man fouls in our favor. Today the referee and his collaborators were a disaster, the worst on the pitch.Compliments to Milan, but we did not deserve this result. At the moment everything is going wrong for us,” Inter Milan’s Roberto Mancini said.

The month of January has been an extremely disappointing one for Roberto Mancini and his team as couldn’t win a single league match. Inter Milan drew 2 games and lost the other 2 against Sassuolo and Ac.Milan. This means that they only collected 2 points out of the possible 12 for the month of January and this has seen the team of Roberto Mancini losing pace in their race to claim the Serie A title.