Mauro Icardi may move to any Big Club this Transfer

Inter Milan’s Mauro Icardi is a 22 year old Argentine forward who has been linked with a move to different clubs around Europe but mostly to the Premier League as Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United are believed to be interested in signing the young player but unfortunately for the English clubs, it doesn’t seem like Icardi has any interest in moving away from Inter Milan anytime soon.

“If the rumors about United, Chelsea and Liverpool were real, I would be honored, because they are big clubs but I’m already in a great team where I can win something important. I’m not interested in rumors, what counts is winning with Inter,I think I will stay until the end of the contract.’’ Mauro Icardi said as he revealed his interest in remaining in Italy with Inter Milan.

So far, Mauro Icardi has made 23 appearances for Inter Milan in this season and the Argentine has managed to score 14 goals, making him the top goal-scorer of Inter Milan at this point in the campaign.

It doesn’t really come as a surprise to see as to why Manchester United’s Louis van Gaal is interested in signing Mauro Icardi as United has struggled trying to score goals when it really matters, even though they have a crew of highly rated attackers including: Robin van Persie, Angel Di Maria, Wayne Rooney and RadamelFalcao.

Mauro Icardi’s current contract with Inter Milan expires in 3 years and the Italian club is attempting to negotiate with the player in order to extend it further but Icardi is not thinking about that now. The Argentine attacker could be waiting to see how Inter Milan develops in the next few years before deciding to renew his contract as Icardi did say that he would like to play in the Champions League and Icardi could be waiting to see if Inter Milan manages to get into the top European tournament.