Inter need to progress

New Inter Milan manager Frank De Boer has admitted that his side still has a lot of work to do.

He was speaking after his team was beaten at Chievo in the opening game of the Serie A. This was a reality check for a manager that has stated that he wants to bring Inter Milan at the top of the Italian league. In a match where Inter Milan has failed to create chances, Frank De Boer has discovered how much work he still has to do before turning the Italian side into a competitive team.

He said that he was disappointed after the defeat and that he expected more from his team. However, he admitted that his players are not ready physically and that the defeat has shown that there is still work to do. He said that he would be spending time to prepare his players both physically and tactically, and he believes that they will be able to improve their performance for the next game.

Frank De Boer said that the formation he chose was based on the players he had and also on what he has seen in the pre-season. He hinted that there might be changes coming up in how the team play in the coming matches but at the moment he will have to do with the players he has. He said that he went for a cautious approach by playing three players at the back because he knew that his players were not ready physically.

He admitted that Inter Milan players still have to progress physically and that they are going to work on this aspect in training. He believes that the player will respond well in the next matches and that they will be able to win the next games.