Inter Milan may drop Nemanja Vidic

The Serbian defender of Inter Milan, NemanjaVidic at one point of his career was considered to be one of the best defenders in the world and this was during his time performing for Manchester United a few years ago but things have taken a huge turn ever since he completed his move to Inter Milan.

NemanjaVidic is constantly being selected as one of the reasons on why Inter Milan has dropped so many points in this season in Serie A as the club is located in the middle section of the Italian League.

After having such a disastrous start in his career in Inter Milan, rumors started emerging claiming that the Italian club was going to try to sell Vidic in the January transfer window and there could be a real possibility of the Serbian defender making a return to Manchester United but those rumors have been shut down by the agent of Vidic.

Silvano Martina is the agent of NemanjaVidic and Martina feels that Vidic just needs time to fully get adjusted into Inter Milan and the Serbian doesn’t deserve to be getting all of the criticism that he has recently been getting.

“He doesn’t deserve to be talked about all the time, whenever something goes wrong they blame him. Maybe it’s because he’s the team’s best defender, time will tell if it was a good deal for Inter. The criticism is badly targeted, he’s a great player, and the best centre-back in the Italian League’’

“Inter are suffering, so he is suffering.” “He was given a lot of responsibility, and his introduction to Italian football has been difficult with the red card at Torino.”Silvano Martina said.

Manchester United is in search for a number of players in order to strengthen the squad of Louis van Gaal but it seems extremely hard to believe that they would be even taking into consideration on re-signing a player that is reaching the last few years of his career and that is already starting to show cracks which is the case of NemanjaVidic and Inter Milan is expected to give the Serbian defender a few more months for him to prove himself before officially deciding to sell him put him on the bench.